My’s Bridalterations Offers Full Gamut of Services for Brides—And Everyone Else

June 2016 Press Release

Bristow, Virginia, United States of America – June 28th, 2016 – With the American economy still struggling to get back on its feet, many are turning to seamstresses to keep their clothes looking good—and even to create brand new outfits and alter wedding dresses into the bride’s own childhood dream gown.

In Bristow VA, Vietnamese immigrant My Pham’s store, My’s Bridalterations, is set to launch on 29th June, 2016—a significant date that also marks the seamstress’ birthday as well as the second year of operations for the successful outfit.

“I am incredibly appreciative of the opportunities that my skills as a seamstress have given me,” said Mrs. Pham. “Not only was I able to find a good job when I arrived, but I was also able to build my business meeting customers who became friends, introduced me to their families and made me feel so welcome here. I was also able to attend school to further develop my skills, which in turn meant I could offer my customers an even better service.”

As Forbes reports on a growing fashion in thrift, more and more people are purchasing vintage clothes that may not be in the best condition—or even not quite the right size, and visiting an expert seamstress like Mrs. Pham for alteration services that make these clothes fit and restore them to their former glory—in other words, all the glamor of fashion with high quality materials, at a fraction of high street prices.

More and more brides are also following the trend, determined to have the wedding gown of their dreams—and a seamstress can help them to get the perfect fit and even adjust elements of any gown to be fit for a Disney princess.

“It’s been a wonderful ride,” concludes Mrs. Pham. “I’m still blown over by how much support there is for my business, and I really can’t thank my customers enough for everything. My only desire is to give back to Bristow what it has given to me.”

To find out more about My Pham’s Bridalterations Store and her story, please visit All press enquiries are requested to be directed to My Pham at (703) 872-9815 or

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My X. Pham

Owner, Professional Seamstress
My’s Bridalterations, LLC
9070 Dawkins Dr.
Bristow, VA 20136
United States of America