General Alterations

Expanding waistlines, growing children and upgrades to old favorites—our services keep your wardrobe up-to-date with your lifestyle

At My’s Bridalterations, we don’t just focus on wedding gowns—we also offer general seamstress and sewing services for people with regular items of clothing, such as jeans, shirts and jackets.

Our service allows you to take a favorite item of clothing that doesn’t fit as well as it once did and alter it to fit once again. We also help our customers to save money by restyling clothes to get rid of details they hate.

No matter what general alterations you need, our services cover all eventualities:

Service Service Description
Take-In/Let-Out Tighten up clothes that are loosening, or increase the size for too-tight pants that are creating an unflattering profile
Shorten/Lengthen Is the hem of your skirt to high or low? Our seamstresses let you adjust to the perfect height
Taper Not a fan of a shirt in your closet? Bring it to us and we’ll taper it for you!
Lower Collar Hate the color on your jacket, shirt or blouse? Don’t throw it out—one simple alteration will solve this issue
Move Up Shoulder Is your shoulder too big or small? Let us take care of this issue right away

Our general alteration service lets you keep old favorites in your regular rotation by making minor adjustments to fix problems—why throw out a shirt because you hate one small detail?

Come and visit us today with your general alteration requests and we’ll get to work straightaway. Alternatively, call us up on 703-872-9815 to book an appointment!