Formal Alterations

Formal wear might not come out the closet often—but when it does come out; you want to look smart and stylish

We all have that one super-fancy, super-expensive dress or outfit that we bought once for a special occasion—and if you’re honest, it spends most of its life in the closet—and may not even fit anymore!

Why spend hundreds or even thousands on a replacement (that will have the same fate!) when our experienced seamstresses can invisibly alter your formal wear to fit your expectations and even update its look to a more contemporary style?

We have altered thousands of formal dresses and formal wear in the past since opening our doors for business:

  • - Glitter gowns
  • - Pleated halter gowns
  • - Beaded gowns
  • - V-neck gowns
  • …and many more!

No matter what material or style, our subtle alterations and attention to detail breathe new life into old favorites. We offer five main services for formal occasion adjustment to dresses and gowns:

Service Service Description
Hem Need a more fashionable hemline? We will adjust the hem to your required specifications
Bustle Make a fashion statement and extend your train’s life with one of our bustle options—we will consult with you and help you to pick the right choice!
Resizing Whether your dress is too big or too tight, we’ll help you to make it just right: dress sizes mean nothing to a seamstress!
Restyling Found the perfect dress except for a few stylings? We’ll restyle your dress to your taste and exact vision
Add/Remove Straps and Sleeves Hate the straps on your dress? Then we’ll magic them away. We can also personalize your evening wear by adding on gorgeous straps or sleeves.

Don’t wear your formal dress or outfit without having adjustments made to ensure that it fits you exactly as the designer envision. Come visit us with your outfit and let us know what you would like us to do to help you—or ask for our expert advice on the best alterations to make.

Alternatively, call us up on 703-872-9815 to book an appointment and pick our brains with your questions.