Accessorizing an outfit is the easiest way to give it some extra pep and glamour to the wearer

Accessories can be the lightest of changes to an outfit that make a world of difference to the overall look. It’s not surprising that many brides-to-be are opting to accessorize their wedding dress with subtle touches that don’t derive from the gown itself but add another dimension.

Whether you’re looking to accessorize your wedding dress or simply give your favorite outfit a boost with accessories, our talented seamstresses are on hand to custom design an accessory that looks good and you love.

We offer three main kinds of custom accessories to fit the majority of our customer’s needs. Don’t see what you want? Call us up and tell us about it—we may still be able to help!

Service Service Description
Custom Veils Create a gorgeous veil for your wedding dress, or add some mystery to an outfit or religious headwear
Custom Wraps Keep out the chill with a custom wrap and enhance a wedding dress further with a beautiful wrap that’s as simple or complicated as you need it to be
Custom Bikinis/bras Tired of the same old boring bikini patterns and want to make a splash with your own unique design? We make bikinis and bras to your specific orders!

Make a splash with a customized and accessorized outfit that shows the world a unique side of your personality—take your own style and imprint it on your favorite dress!

Come visit us with your ideas for accessorizing and discover how we can make it happen. Alternatively, call us up on 703-872-9815 to book an appointment!